how we do this



It's Simple... We are a group of women who take pillow cases and turn them into beautiful dresses for girls in developing countries. We pass the dresses off to people we trust who are traveling to third world countries and they distribute them to the girls and watch as they beam from ear to ear!




Around the world many girls of all ages don't even own a single dress. Sometimes if they do, they are stained or ripped, and at times they hold them together so they don't further dismantle exposing their bodies. We believe that every girl (and some boys) deserve at least one dress to feel beautiful in; a dress they can run and play in and feel happy, secure, loved and gorgeous.





We collect and buy supplies, and make dresses- alone or in groups. Then Karina and Josi collect the beautiful dresses and send them off with our contacts to other countries. Our contact usually takes about two dozen dresses to girls in a location that they've already touched base with. When they deliver the dresses we always ask that in order to share this touching experience with us- they take pictures- that we hope to share on our website  and Facebook group.  It's a beautiful thing to see the reaction of the girls when they are given a dress that was carefully made just for them!









what we do



Hi, I'm Karina, a mother of two beautiful girls who keep me grounded and give me strength.

I have learned many things that have molded me into who I am today:

  • Being a mother has shown me that making sure my children grow up to be confident women in who they are is a top priority, so I teach them to feel good about themselves inside and out.
  • Being a photographer has helped me to see beauty in simple everyday things. It has opened my eyes to my surroundings, to the point where I view the normal as extraordinary.
  • Being to Haiti has helped me truly appreciate how fortunate we really are. This drives me to help others in numerous ways.
  • Being a member of Sew Gorgeous has given me more purpose in life and a desire to help little girls all over the world find beauty inside and out!








Hi, I'm Josi!! 


I am a momma of four beautiful children, two girls and two boys; and a wife to my highschool sweetheart.


I'm passionate about all things health & essential oil related.  I love to help our family and others live as well as they can (happy, healthy, and empowered).


I have a heart for service.  I believe that helping others is truly our purpose on Earth. I believe that each little part we take in making the world a better place is equally important.  


It's my hope that through Sew Gorgeous, we can clothe girls beautifully- allowing them to feel gorgeous, and loved.  One of our long term goals is  to empower women by teaching them how to sew, not only so they can mend, but also create, as an artistic outlet, but also to break the cycle of poverty - by creating an income, or the tools to barter.